The head of the Federalist Federation, Qasim Al-Nimr, urges his supporters to speed up voter registration

The head of the Federal Federation’s governing body, Qasim al-Nimr, urged his supporters to speed up voter registration, according to the Federation’s official page.  On Sunday he also announced that the federal bloc wants its constituents and supporters to only register in the voter lists, announced by the Electoral Commission for elections, in order to update the register of voters but not to submit candidates for the election.

He explained that registration is an obligation in order to preserve the rights of citizens of the eastern region.

He added that it’s still too early to talk about holding legislative and presidential elections due to the Parliament’s lack of adoption of an election law that is acceptable to the people of the eastern region but also the United Nations inability to guarantee the integrity and transparency of the elections.

Last Friday a group of protesters in the city of Benghazi removed a number of electoral boards from polling stations accredited by the Electoral Commission, demanding that the commander of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, be put in power.

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