UNICEF: The cut off of  water supply  from coastal cities hurts more than half a million children

On Sunday, UNICEF’s Special Representative for Libya, AbdelRahman Ghandour, said that preventing the arrival of water to the capital Tripoli and coastal cities is affecting 600,000 children.

According to UNICEF’s Facebook page, Ghandour stated that more than 2 million people are suffering from lack of water provided by the General Water Network, adding that it is the second time this issue occurs in the last two months.

Ghandour stressed that the cutting of water requires people to use other water that may be contaminated or unusable, which increases the risk of diseases spreading and the increase in the suffering of children living in Libya. He stressed that access to water is a fundamental human right and that UNICEF urges all parties not to cut off the water supply. He also and called on all parties in Libya to stop all attacks on water facilities and civilian infrastructure.

An armed group stopped the flow of water to Tripoli from the water-system of Hassounah and  its wellfields in demand for the release of a detainee in Tripoli.

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