Mayor of Sabha, Hamid al-Khayali, said that he refused to receive the city’s airport which was seized it on Thursday, until it is handed over to the municipality

On Sunday, Al-Khayali said in a statement to Arraed LG that there are negotiations between the armed group and parties from the security department of Sabha on the receipt of the Directorate of the airport, explaining that the Directorate required the exit of the armed group from the airport so that it can receive it.

In a related context, the dignitaries, leaders and institutions of civil society, and the support force of the GNA  announced that they will stand in the face of any coup project, stressing their adherence to the unity of Libya and its capital Tripoli.

An official  said in a statement on Friday that they reject any attempt to militarize the state, suppress freedoms, and return tyranny to the country. They also refuse to violate Libyan sovereignty from any side.

The dignitaries expressed their rejection of any foreign intervention to impose a political reality, or military, which does not reflect the will of the Libyan people and their choices, pointing to the need to reject regional calls that may break the country.

The officials stressed their support for dialogue and national reconciliation, reuniting and extinguishing the use of the war and the return of all the displaced peoples to their cities, pointing out that the crimes committed in the southern region were caused by political division.

It is noteworthy that armed groups announced their subordination to the GNA and had taken control of the headquarters of the governor of Sabha military, a unit of Operation Dignity and several other headquarters.

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