The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame: National Unity As A Government in Libya is a Must

During his meeting with the Security Council, Salame stated, “we have made important steps in the process of the political agreement, but there are other points that are yet to be agreed upon. Salame says that he is working on establishing a Libyan National Forum in the month of February, that will reflect the inclusiveness of all Libyan political parties. Salame pointed out that the HOR needs to take responsibility to enact the election laws fairly. He also added that they did not nominate any name for the Presidential Council yet and are in support of an open and competitive process for the selection.

Salame also brought up the issue of the migrants that has increased by folds in the Libyan detention centers, and that some of the migrants have been subjected to violence and abuse in the shelters in Libya. The reports from the UN mission that had seen the detainees reported cases of rape, abuse, and malnutrition, deeming the centers to be ‘inhumane’.

Salame also touched on the subject of the incident in Abyar, and the bombing of children, as well as the finding of bodies in the south of Tripoli. These are crimes and Salame indicated that there are serious investigations underway in order to seize the perpetrators.

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