Presidential Council: The attack on the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior in #Benghazi is an attack on the state itself

On Saturday, the presidential council of the Government of National Accord condemned the targeting of areas in #Benghazi with artillery and aviation; which led to damage to public and private buildings.

In a statement released, the Presidential Council stated that the attackers assume full responsibility for the damage; adding that they expressed no concern for the lives of Libyan citizens.

The Council called for the immediate cessation of military operations; stressing that the role of the security directorates of the Ministry of Interior in the Government of National Accord in Benghazi is limited to securing citizens and establishing security in the city. They also indicated that any attack on the ministry is an attack on state institutions as a whole.

The security situation in Benghazi has been tense since Friday evening as the targeting of the special task force of the Deputy Minister of Interior of the #GNA has resulted in the death of one soldier and the wounding of six others.

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