June 14, 2017 |  Press Release

“Arraed LG+”  issues the following statement on its acquisition of “The Libyan Gazette” news website:

Arraed, a pioneer and leader in the Libyan news landscape, has acquired The Libyan Gazette. The acquisition will give Arraed ownership of all the Gazette’s content.

The acquisition will form a winning combination for Arraed as it expands to deliver professional, fact-based journalism to English and Arabic-speaking audience throughout the world, this marks a critical next step in broadening the reach of Arraed’s blueprint to grow Libyan its share of the news market.

Both Arraed and the Libyan Gazette have developed credibility in their independent reporting and quality of news delivery.

Arraed LG+ will continue to be guided by strong and ethical editorial culture led by our vision of acceptance and tolerance through strengthening its local community and a steward of best practices in journalism.