Appeals Court of #Al_Baida rules that the sessions for the creation of the constitution are void

On Thursday, the Appeals Court of #Al_Baida ruled that the sessions for the Constitution Drafting Assembly are invalid after the 120 days; as stipulated in the constitutional declaration.

A member of the constituent body for the drafting of the constitution, Nadia Omran, told #ArraedLG that the commission will respond to the ruling issued by the Court of Appeal of #Al_Baida through the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Omran explained that the lawsuit filed against the assembly by the head of the federal bloc Belkasem Al-Nimr nullifies the sessions of the commission 120 days after the first session held by the commission.

The Constitution Drafting Assembly had adopted a consensus at the end of last July, and they are now waiting to add it to the referendum.

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