#Government #Libya #News – Supreme Council of the State: We are insistent on a partnership with the #HoR in order to end the political divide

The President of the Supreme Council of State, Abdulrahman Asswehly, expressed the insistence of the Council to move forward in achieving a comprehensive political settlement through a real partnership with the #HoR, in order to end the ongoing political division and unite the institutions of the country.

During a news conference on Tuesday following the Council’s meeting, Asswehly said that they must form a strong executive authority that is able to alleviate the suffering of the citizens and in which everyone participates- as reported on the Council’s official page.

The chairman of the Joint Dialogue Committee for the Supreme Council of State, Musa Faraj, stressed the need for the formation of a strong united national government which shall not be subject to extortion, will be able to assume its’ responsibilities, and bring about national benefits.

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