#Government #Libya #News – #HoR speaker Fariha Al-Hudairi: President of the Council Aguila Saleh suggested transferring the powers of the Supreme Commander to the Presidential Council

The speaker for the #HoR, Fariha Al-Hudairi, stated that the President of the Council, Aguila Saleh, suggested that the powers of the Supreme Commander be transferred over to the Presidential Council. Saleh stressed the that this decision requires a unanimous vote, and the ratification of the House of Representatives following that.  

Fariha added that Saleh’s proposal received the approval of some members, but that it has not yet been submitted for voting. She explained that the Council discussed the articles and texts of the political agreement targeted by the amendment, notably Article 8, but that they did not vote on any of them in Tuesday’s meeting.

It is noteworthy that Article 8 of the political agreement, which provides for the transfer of powers of senior military and security positions to the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, would be immediately valid after the activation of the agreement.

Fariha added that Saleh put #HoR member Ahmad Huma to chair the session on Wednesday. Wednesday’s session will continue discussion on the amendments to the LPA, in the presence of the Joint Dialogue Committee.

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