#Government #Libya #News – #HoR member Saleh Qulma: The authority of the Supreme Commander belongs to the Presidential Council

After Tuesday’s session, the #HoR decision maker, Saleh Qulma, stated that the council had completed the discussion of amendments to the political agreement submitted by the members of the Dialogue Committee. He added that additional concerns and observations were brought up; the most important being article 8, which had four proposed changed and added to it for the final wording.

After a long debate, it was unanimously agreed upon that the powers of the Supreme Commander of the Army should be transferred over to the three-member Presidential Council. Also, military and security posts are to be ratified under the authority of the Parliament.

Qulma added that they discussed the second draft submitted by the members of the dialogue committee; which concerns the mechanism of powers of the executive branch and the legislative authority. He stated that the discussion regarding the amendments is to be completed at the next meeting, which is scheduled to be held next Wednesday.

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