#Government #Libya #News – IOM provides urgent assistance to migrants in #Sabratha

On Sunday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) provided food, medical aid, and blankets to some 1,700 illegal immigrants at the #Sabratha shelter in response to a state of emergency following the events in the city.

The medical team of the IOM announced the IOM which contain more than 2,500 migrants. They stressed their urgent need for relief items such as food, water, medicine, etc.

Also, on Saturday the head of the illegal immigration in #Sabratha, Basem Gharabli, stated that they have arrested more than 3,000 illegal immigrants along the city’s coast.

Al-Gharabli added that they are unable to provide humanitarian assistance to them; pointing out that among the migrants are pregnant women, children and patients.

He appealed to the relevant authorities to intervene in order to help #Sabratha in providing services to the city’s shelters.

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