#Government #Libya #News – Alfano and Al-Swehli discussing developments in the work of the Drafting Committee

The Supreme Council, during his meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano in #Rome, discussed the development of the negotiating process between the Supreme Council of State and the #HoR to amend the political agreement, under the supervision of the United Nations in #Tunisia. Italian Foreign Minister Alfano reiterated his country’s “strong support” for this process within the UN roadmap that was announced in #NewYork, and its full support for the efforts of the United Nations Envoy to Libya @GhassanSalame. The meeting also touched on the recent terrorist attack on the city of #Misrata, and #Italy’s role in support of security and military devices in combating “ISIS”, through their training and logistical support, as well as the important role played by the Italian Military Hospital in #Misrata.

As well as the Head of the Supreme Council stressed during a joint press conference with the Italian Foreign Minister, that constitutional changes and elections are the ultimate goals of Libyan political agreement and its amendments.

#ArraedLG #BuildingANation

(BREAKING) #Government #Libya #News – Spokesperson for the Operations Unit for combating #ISIS in #Sabratha Salah Quraisya: The unit has followed the Presidential Council, acting as the supreme commander of the Libyan army, since its inception in 2016. #ArraedLG #BuildingANation    

Government #Libya #News- Chamber of Operations Issue curfew in #Sabrata from 10pm to 6am until security is stabilized.