#Government #Libya #News – #Sabha Dignitaries warn of the consequences of the fuel crisis in the city

Dignitaries and officials of the municipality of #Sabha issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the shortage of fuel that the city has had to suffer for several months. The statement pointed out that ‘What the South-West is going through in shortage of fuel has spread crimes of all kinds and has led to civil disobedience”, according to the official page of the municipality of #Sabha. The dignitaries of #Sabha held the deputies of the region and the ministers and agents associated with the consequences responsible for the current events, indicating that the inhabitants of #Sabha ‘are outside the protection of the Libyan state both for the #HOR and the #GNA’, and are demanding the right of the region in the fuel and all their needs. The dignitaries gave the Libyan authorities 72 hours for the arrival of fuel to the southern region, otherwise “the responses will be strong,” according to the statement.

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