#Government #Libya #News – Operation Dignity operations room chief Abdul-Salam Al-Hassi: Deputy Minister of Interior Faraj Al-Gaem is not part of our forces and we refuse to deal with the #GNA

Operation Dignity operations room chief Abdul-Salam Al-Hassi confirmed their refusal to deal with the Government of the National Accord on any level. He denied the statements made by Deputy Minister of Interior Ministry Faraj Al-Gaem; adding that he was not part of their forces.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Al-Hassi said that Al-Gaem’s suggestion ‘is a disgrace and pure slander’. He also stressed the chamber’s commitment to stick to the Commander of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, decree not to deal with parallel bodies trying to usurp power.

Al-Hassi explained that any actions that would disturb the security in #Benghazi and cause a rift in its social fabric will expose its perpetrators to an uncompromising confrontation. He added that all installations in the city are under the oversight of Operation Dignity and the legitimate authority which came through the ballot boxes.

During a news conference in #Benghazi on Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of Interior Faraj Al-Gaem said that they had no problems with Khalifa Haftar when it comes to the fight against terrorism.

Al-Gaem added that they are now taking their instructions from the Operation Dignity Operations Room headed by Colonel Abdul-Salam Al-Hassi; stressing their continued efforts in combatting terrorism.

Al-Gaem explained that they are in the process of activating a joint security room to extend security in #Benghazi, in cooperation with all the units operating in the city and its’ surrounding regions.

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