#Government #Libya #News – Khalifa Haftar: The war in #Sabratha will not stop and the Operations Unit for combating #ISIS is legitimate

Khalifa Haftar, Operation Dignity’s Commander, stated that ‘the war in Sabratha will not stop before the groups hand over their weapons, release the people of the city who are being held for extortion, and hand over the foreign elements who are fighting with them’.

In a statement to Aki news agency on Tuesday, Haftar described what is happening in #Sabratha as a ‘legitimate war between officers of the national army in the Operations Unit for Combating ISIS and terrorist and human trafficking groups, on the other hand’.

In an unrelated context, Hafter denied reports about #Paris hosting a meeting with him and the leader of the #Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade, Haitham Tagouri; adding that he rejects ‘the principle of sitting with any of the leaders of these uncontrolled groups’.

In the context of the political dialogue, Haftar stated that a meeting will be held next Thursday at his headquarters in #Benghazi with UN envoy to #Libya Ghassan Salame. The meeting will discuss the conclusions reached by the Libyan parties’ from their discussions at the  #Tunis meetings, as well as suggesting solutions to the current crisis.

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