#Government #Libya #News – #GNA Deputy Minister of Interior Faraj Al-Gaem: We have no problems with Khalifa Haftar and we take our instructions from Operation Dignity

#GNA Deputy Minister of Interior Faraj Al-Gaem said that they have no problems with the commander of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, when it comes to combating terrorism.

In a news conference on Monday, Al- Gaem said that they are now taking their instructions from Operation Dignity, which is headed by Colonel Abdulssalam Al-Hassi, in the efforts to combat terrorism.

Al-Gaem explained that they are in the process of activating a joint security room to extend security in the city of #Benghazi, in cooperation with all agencies in the city and its surrounding areas.

He added that he will support police stations and security departments, and will make new security directorates throughout #Libya; especially the directorates of Majuri, Al-Leithi, Sabri and Bouhadema in #Benghazi.

Al-Gaem explained that their work will not be limited to the city of #Benghazi; pointing to his meeting with some security services in the Eastern region to establish a security room for the entire region.

He added that they agreed with the President of the Presidential Council and the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord, to raise the salaries of the police force by 50%, and to activate medical insurance for members of the police and their families.

Al-Gaem said that they will work to develop the Civil Status Authority to facilitate all procedures for the citizens in #Libya and will activate Law 10 of 1992 to protect the security personnel.

In addition, he stated that they are seeking to reopen police training colleges and institutes internally; as well as setting up external courses in cooperation with counter-terrorism countries to upgrade police personnel.

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