#Government #Libya #News – 26 killed and 200 injured in #Sabratha clashes

The head of the team in charge of monitoring #Sabratha from the Ministry of Health in the Government of National Accord, Siraj Al-Sori, stated the toll from the clashes amounted to 26 dead and 200 injured thus far.

On Saturday, Al-Sori asked that parties involved in the conflict continue to facilitate the safe passage of ambulances to transport the wounded from the city.

Al-Sori also confirmed the arrival of the first batch of emergency supplies to the #Sabratha teaching hospital on Friday; adding that they are waiting for the arrival of the second installment of supplies from the Ministry of Health.

He clarified that he had handed over 10 units of special dialysis equipment to Sorman Hospital so that they can receive cases that need dialysis from the city of #Sabratha.

Al-Sori explained that a number of private clinics and hospitals in the cities of #Tripoli, #Misrata, #Sorman and #Zuwara began to receive transfer cases. As well, funds have been raised in #Tunisia to receive cases, which are difficult to cure in Libya. Some cases will be transferred to #Turkey if necessary.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health directed all departments of oncology at Libyan hospitals to receive tumor cases coming from the city of #Sabratha.

Still, the clashes continue in the center of Sabratha between the 48th Infantry Battalion and the State Control Unit in #Sabratha after the initial start of clashes on 17 January. Reconciliation committees continue their efforts to bring peace and calm amid the humanitarian suffering of the city’s residents.

UPDATE: Al-Sori reported that they are facing some difficulties in the supply and transport of medical supplies related to ambulance and emergency services.   

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