#Government #Libya #News – Head of #Sabratha military council Tahir Al-Gharabli: #Sabratha was thrown into a large battlefield

The head of the #Sabratha military council, Tahir Al-Gharabli, said that the city has become a war arena for large political parties.

In a statement to Arraed LG, Al-Gharabli confirmed that many parties from outside the city have entered this war; some of which have been fighting and supporting parties at the expense of others, causing the fighting to continue. He added that the refusal of some parties to cease fire is a direct result of the supplies flowing into the city.

Al-Gharabli held the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, who is also the Supreme Commander of the army and the chief of general staff and which the Defense Ministry report to, responsible for  not interfering in what was happening in #Sabratha. Al-Gharabli added that despite parties involved in the conflict’s  “claim” that they report to the president; what is occurring in #Sabratha can be accounted as “war crimes against civilians”; adding that they will pursue criminal and international crimes.

Al-Gharabli added that the security and stability operations room in #Sabratha, which was formed two days ago, is composed of civilians and military personnel, as well as brigades and battalions that did not participate in the ongoing war. The room’s main aim is to stop the war.

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