#Government #Libya #News –  Highlights from UN envoy Ghassan Salame during the LPA meeting in #Tunis

  • “The National Conference” is not an institution; it is an event; its main objective is the meeting and reconciliation of Libyans.
  • The political agreement is valid during the coming period.
  • At this stage we discuss texts, not names.
  • In the next stage we will discuss the names according to the political agreement.
  • We finalize the amendments within weeks, and hopefully get approval from the #HOR before the end of November.
  • Today we determine what articles the parties will agree to amend.
  • Salama: We will make suggestions if requested and our role remains as facilitators.
  • The plan of action does not contradict the #Paris Agreement, but rather, it puts it on the path to implementation.
  • One of the problems is that the political agreement has not been widely adopted.
  • We provided opportunities to other parties that did not participate in the political process.
  • There are parties who now want to participate in the political process and give a broader basis for political agreement.
  • Libya has a chance to achieve reconciliation and Libyans should seize this opportunity.
  • The legislative and executive authorities are not operating well.
  • Services in #Libya are not available which indicates that the executive authority is not operating properly.
  • My difficult task is to bring different viewpoints closer together.
  • I do not see irreconcilable differences in #Libya.
  • Libyans should not miss the opportunity to resolve their differences.
  • Libya succeeded in fighting terrorism in #Sirte and #Benghazi.
  • Support for the UN initiative at the #New_York meeting is unprecedented.
  • We do not interfere in the political and sovereign decisions of #Libya.
  • #Libya is dear to me and I will do my best to help the Libyans.
  • I will never ask myself about the success rate of our initiative towards #Libya and we will move towards a solution

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