#Government #Libya #News – #Sabratha Red Crescent: Nearly 100 families have left the city’s conflict zones

On Tuesday, a member of the media department for Red Crescent of #Sabratha, Ahmed Al-Alaqi, gave a statement to #ArraedLG stating that the they have removed approximately 100 families away from conflict zones in the center of the city.
Al-Alaqi added that they are currently trying to open a safe passage in order to get people out of the conflict zones in the city. He called on the parties involved in the conflict to help them to open this passage.
Al-Alaqi also pointed out that the Red Crescent teams in #Sabratha failed to remove the families stranded in the city on Monday- after the violation of the truce set by the parties involved in the conflict. He added that the Red Crescent teams were shot at, which led to the injury of one of their members.

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