#Government #Libya #News – House of Representatives member, Suleiman Al- Faqih: The political agreement cannot be amended until after it is actually applied

Suleiman Al- Faqih, a member of the House of Representatives, stressed that the amendment of the political agreement must be after the implementation of its provisions.
On Sunday, Al- Faqih stated that the House of Representatives did not implement the agreement, did not include it in the constitutional declaration, and did not abide by Article 16 of the House of Representatives; indicating that the Council has entered into the process of amending the agreement, which is outside the project.

Al- Faqih accused the international community of “negligence” in dealing with parallel bodies, pointing to the continuance of this treatment even after resolution 2259; adding that there has been an increasing level of engagement by regional states with these bodies.
In return, Al-Faqih attributed the weakness of the Government of National Accord to the lack of support it receives, which has then made the #GNA become part of the problem.

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