#Government #Libya #News – Head of JCP Mohamed Sowan: Islam is a common denominator among Libyans and we reject the monopolization of it by anyone

Mohamed Sowan, head of the Justice and Construction Party stated in a statement issued that “Islam is a common denominator among all Libyans we refuse to have anyone represent the religion on their behalf.”

Sowan clarified that the preservation of identity of the community is in line with the democratic project and represents the spirit of the political thought that the party is proposing.

He pointed out that the party does not claim a “monopoly on islamic reference,” as some people accuse the party of doing because of the text in its by-laws that call for an “Islamic reference of the party.”

Sowan added that they will invite members in the upcoming JCP conference to review some of the phrases that contributed to the distortion of the JCP in the political realm.  

He pointed out that they are not concerned about the accusations of  “extremist” Islamists.

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