#Government #Libya #News – Haftar threatened by GNA appointed Deputy Minister of Interior Faraj Qaim, the former Operation Dignity Chief of Special Tasks Force

On Saturday, Head of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar criticized the recent appointment of Faraj Qaim as the Deputy Minister of Interior for the Government of National Accord. Haftar stated that Qaim’s appointment threatens the national security of Libya, and is a ploy to dismantle the military and security system of the eastern regions of Libya.

These criticisms arose as a result of the defection of Qaim as the Chief of the Special Task Force of the Dignity Operation. In June 2016, Qaim released numerous statements exposing the Dignity Operation forces for the assassinations in #Benghazi. Qaim revealed that Haftar’s forces were carrying out numerous beheadings, killings, and holding torture cells. Qaim is one of the many senior commanders defecting Haftar’s operation, and joining the UN-recognized Government of National Accord.

In the last year, substantial evidence has been discovered to support Qaim’s claims and many international human rights violations committed by Operation Dignity forces including the recent International Criminal Court arrest warrant.

On social media, there has been criticism of Haftar’s statement and that it undermines the Libyan Political Agreement that gives the President Council authority as the supreme commander of the Libyan Army to make such appointments.

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