#Government #Libya #News – Constitution Drafting Assembly, Hadi Bouhamra: The #HOR’s legislative committee delegated to prepare the referendum law is a positive step.

A member of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, Hadi Bouhamra, stated to #ArraedLG that the House of Representative delegation to a legislative committee the responsibility to prepare a referendum law is a positive political step for Libya.

Bouhamra responded to concerns on Tuesday, regarding the statements made disputing the legality of the constitution and the CDA for exceeding the timeframe in the constitutional declaration. He stated that the date set forth in the constitutional declaration is an administrative date and furthermore he affirmed that the constitutional court has the authority to decide on the legality of the CDA. The HOR or any other body does not have this authority.

A member of the House of Representatives, Saleh Qulma, has confirmed in a statement on the Parliament’s website, that they assigned the legislative committee to prepare a referendum law for the draft constitution that was established by the Constitution Drafting Assembly.

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