Government #Libya #News – The head of The Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee, Milad al-Hajri announced in a statement on Friday: The fuel crisis in #Tripoli is witnessing the beginning of a breakthrough as it has provided most of the capital’s stations with sufficient quantities of fuel and gas.

As a result, congestion in gas and fuel location will end within 48 hours.
When asked about the lack of supply of diesel fuel, Al-Hajri said: “We discussed this matter with the National Oil Corporation and asked them to increase the quantities of diesel fuel from 10,000 liters to 20,000 liters per day, which will be allocated to each station until we deal with the diesel crisis”

#Government #Libya #News – President of the Constitution Assembly commands the deputies to issue a referendum law

#Government #Libya #News -The National Safety warns the citizens of Tripoli of a fire at a power station The National Safety Authority (NSA) warned citizens on Friday of a fire at several power stations due to over usage, leading to major breakdowns and an increase in power cuts.