Haftar Allows UAE and Jordanian Fighter Jets into Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


General Khalifa Haftar has reportedly elicited the support of the Jordanian and the United Arab Emirates air force to further his agenda in Libya. reported that UAE and Jordanian air force planes have been operating under Haftar’s authority in attacking targets in Libya.

Colonel Salim Al-Warfally allegedly said that Jordanian pilots will “take part in undermining that revolution and helping Haftar in his war against the rebels under the pretext of fighting terror and achieving security.”

Al-Warfally is reported to also have said that Haftar’s takeover of the oil fields and ports was meant as a strategy to force Libyans to submit to his authority by controlling Libya’s main source national wealth. Al-Warfally called on UAE ruler Shaikh Mohamed Bin Zayid to order his pilots to return home.

This comes after news spread earlier this week that unknown military jets were firing airstrikes on an oasis town in southern Libya killing nine people and injuring 20.

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