Bombs or Diamonds an ISIS Wedding

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


Documents left behind by ISIS in Sirte reveal that the terrorist group was giving suicide vests and machine guns as dowries to their brides.  

Libyan forces loyal to the UN-backed Libyan unity Government (GNA) found documents in buildings abandoned by ISIS as they searched and cleared a liberated area.

The records, which were shared on the GNA loyal forces Facebook page, were from the terrorists’ department of ‘Judicial and Complaints’

None of the marriage contracts and divorce rulings had real names or sufficient personal information to be able to identify the individuals taking part in the deed.


One of the documents found was dated November 30, 2015 and was a marriage contract between a Tunisian man in his late-thirties, known as Abu Mansour, and a Nigerian woman named Miriam, and a Sudanese and Malian were written down as witnesses.

Far from adhering to Islamic rulings and traditions on marriage, Abu Mansour did not pay his bride Miriam a dowry, but promised to give her a suicide belt if he died or if the marriage fell apart.

Another bride, Fatima from Nigeria, was promised by her husband, Malian Abu Said, an assault rifle if her husband died or a divorce takes place.

ISIS has been imposing its authority over Sirte since July 2015, putting forceful legislations in place in order to dominate and control the residents of Sirte.  

Residents of Sirte were not allowed to listen to music, or smoke, and women were not allowed to wear make-up and were forced to cover their faces, in addition taxes were enforced on businesses and properties.

Public beheadings, hangings, or shooting became common practices for ISIS militants in Sirte.

Many were put under further suffering when they were not allowed to take the bodies of their loved ones murdered by ISIS. A number of families desperate to lay their relatives to rest would smuggle the corpses during the night and bury them.

Many feared if ISIS was not stopped by GNA loyal forces, the terrorist group would have made their way to Europe.

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