Russia Continues to Keep its Embassy in Tripoli Closed

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it will continue to keep its embassy in Tripoli closed for security reasons.

“To date, there is neither Russian military nor civilian presence in Libya. For now, we are not planning to restore it, including on security grounds. We are not even mentioning military presence,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Libya has been in a fragile state since the 2011 uprising that brought the downfall of the Gaddafi regime which lasted for 42 years. After Gaddafi was toppled, the country fell into a deep state of political chaos with rogue groups taking arms and declaring dominance over various neighbourhoods, towns and cities across Libya.

The Russians evacuated their embassy in Tripoli and moved to Tunisia in October 2013 after an attack by gunmen on their compound.

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