Baby Born in the Sky

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

A baby who was born mid-flight has been gifted free flights for life by Buraq Air after a Libyan woman went into labour during her flight from Tripoli to Niamey in Niger.  

The Cabin crew assisted the mother in delivering her baby who was named after the plane’s captain, Abdul Basset.

A video of the incident was posted to Facebook and showed the flight attendants bringing tissues to a man who was tending to the newborn.  

On their Facebook page, the airline made the announcement that the baby will be granted free airplane rides with Buraq Air for life in celebration of his birth on board.

However, Buraq Air, which is based in Tripoli, only flies to a limited number of destinations, mainly domestic destinations and flights to Tunisia and Turkey.

The airline previously traveled to Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Bosnia & Herzegovina, however, after the 2011 uprising flights to those destinations were halted.

Last month, a baby on board Cebu Pacific airlines from Dubai to Manila was given one million air miles from the Cebu airlines as a birthday gift.

In addition, another baby was born mid-flight in June on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight. The airplane was diverted to London’s Heathrow airport after the birth of the baby.

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