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UN Refuses to Recognize Libyan Eastern Parliament

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

The self-declared Libyan parliament in the eastern side of the country will not be given international recognition said the United Nations envoy to Libya led by Martin Kobler.

In an email to The Associated Press (AP) Kobler emphasized that the eastern parliament, “is not the recognized” government by the UN or the international community.

The UN-backed and internationally recognized government based in Tripoli, the country’s capital, has not been able to get the eastern Parliament to move forward and complete their responsibility in the Libyan Political Agreement.

Before the current chaos in Libya befell the country Gaddafi had been ruling Libya for 42 years. During his reign Gaddafi destabilized the country by getting rid of any civil institutions that were around before Gaddafi’s coup. As a result after his downfall Libya was left in a state of anarchy and very close to being absolutely lawless.

In 2014 there were two governments, one in the ways and one in the west, with their own separate cabinets.

The GNA has put forth efforts to unify the country under its leadership.

The UN has instructed all of its member states to terminate any dealings they may have with the Libyan eastern based parliament.

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