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Car Bomb Targets Another Medical Facility in Benghazi

 (Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On friday a car bomb exploded just outside Al Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi leaving five people dead and 14 injured as reported by the hospital’s security and confirmed by Mohammed Al-Zawy, a hospital official.

Al-Zawy explained that the car exploded close to the hospital’s outpatient entrance door.

Abdul-Salam Al-Hassi, a senior military general, is saying that the attack came from militants who supposedly identify as being islamist.

Al-Hassi believes that the militants “will not stop these terrorist attacks on civilians and” promises that the forces under his command will do everything they can “to secure the city after we defeat them.”

A police force responsible for the hospital’s security blocked off the area around the explosion and has prevented access to that area of the hospital.

The Urological Centre in Benghazi and the Benghazi Medical Centre were also recently targeted with attacks.

Syed Jaffar Hussain, the United Nation’s acting Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya, has condemned the attack on Al Jalaa Hospital and called on all groups to join forces to prevent such an attack from happening again.

“I am appalled by such attacks that further endanger the patients and medical personnel in the act of delivering medical and humanitarian assistance.” said Hussain.

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