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Explosion in Garabulli Ammunition store After Departure of Misrata Armed Group

 (Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On Tuesday in Garabulli, a town located in western Libya, about 20 civilians fatalities were reported to have been caused by an explosion in an ammunition store, reported Mohamed Assayed, an official from the municipal government.

Assayed reported that an armed group from Misrata that was in control of the store eventually gave up their control after clashes with the local residents ended.

It is not clear what caused the explosion that went off approximately the same time as when residents entered the area that was controlled by the armed group from Misrata.

In addition to the 20 fatalities, 30 people sustained injuries from the explosion. “The number of casualties is rising and we are working hard to transfer them to nearest hospitals,” Assayed said.

The deaths were also confirmed by a resident of Garabulli who said that the clashes began when a member of the Misrata armed group refused to pay, which resulted in a heated argument between the member of the armed group and locals.

In protest of the clashes, locals decided to block the main road on the coast of Garabulli that connects Misrata to Tripoli. Tripoli is approximately 50 kilometers west of Garabulli and Misrata is approximately 140 kilometers to the east.

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