ISIS Militants Unsuccessfully Try to Break Siege

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


ISIS militants attempted to unsuccessfully break the siege placed on them by Albinyan Almarsous (Operation Strong Foundation) forces in the city center of Sirte on Sunday, in clashes that killed two soldiers and wounded nine soldiers.

“Our forces confronted them (ISIS) and forced them to retreat,” spokesman Reda Issa told AFP.

“Two of our men were killed and five wounded” in the clashes around the Al-Ghrebat sector of Sirte, he said.

At least nine Government of National Accord (GNA) soldiers have been killed this week by the extremist group’s attempts to break the 15 kilometer siege they have been placed under in the center of Sirte, where 30,000 residents are still residing.

“The pro-government forces are advancing cautiously because ISIS fighters are barricaded inside homes and we are trying to avoid using heavy artillery to spare civilians who could also be inside,” said Issa.

The operations room media bureau also announced that the Libyan air force carried out two airstrikes targeting ISIS locations, one near the port and another air raid on the extremist group’s ammunition stores near Ouagadougou conference hall.

On Saturday, the Libyan air force carried out a number of airstrikes on locations where ISIS militants were positioned, and Libyan troops used heavy artillery power to target a warehouse containing ammunition belonging to ISIS fighters.

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