Haftar’s Airstrikes in Derna Kill Father and Son

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

A Father and his son were killed in Derna on Monday after the car they were traveling in was struck by General Khalifa Haftar’s warplanes.

The victims were traveling in a car Monday morning in the Al-Ardem district in southern Derna to withdraw their salaries from a bank when the airstrike took place.

The bodies were sent to the Al-Harish hospital in Derna, and the brutal attack had left one of the victim’s head separated from the body.

Derna has been subject to heavy attack by Haftar’s Dignity Operation forces, with a large number of civilian casualties being reported.

Last week, a mother and her two children were killed after Haftar’s forces carried out airstrikes in a civilian populated area in Derna.

Haftar launched his war in Derna in May to allegedly liberate the city from terrorism and Islamist control, however his forces continue to target civilians and public buildings.

State Supreme Council member, Mansour Al-Hasadi, called on Martin Kobler, the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to visit Derna and see the situation for himself.

Press Solidarity reported that Al-Hasadi told Kobler during a meeting with the State Supreme Council on Sunday, “If you do not have a clear stance toward what is going on in Derna, then you are a historical partner in the airstrikes that rain down on Derna killing civilians and frightening the safe residents in the city. Your tweets are not enough.”

Kobler took to Twitter to condemn the killings of civilians in Derna and reiterated that residents must not be targeted and that the targeting of civilians is considered a war crime.

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